The Rosecliff Incubator Program is an industry leading growth accelerator for early stage startup companies. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs make the world a better place…one startup at a time.

About Us?

What We Do?

We provide early stage startups the opportunity to grow and expand their networks and businesses. We provide our companies with working capital, Class-A office space and the opportunity to collaborate and work with other companies in the program. We also provide entry into our vast network of professionals and the opportunity to utilize them in order to grow at an accelerated pace.

Who We Provide To?

In our incubator program, we help early stage pre-seed, pre-revenue companies go from an idea on paper, to a reality. These are companies who need help gaining a strong foothold into their respective industries and we make all of our resources available to them in order to do so.

In or accelerator program, we welcome established seed companies who are looking to scale quickly into the market. These are companies looking to take the next step by penetrating the market and growing exponentially.

Who Are We?

The Rosecliff Incubator is an industry leading growth accelerator for early stage startup companies. Companies accepted into the incubator program will participate in a 12 or 24 month program, focused on scalable growth and accelerated market penetration.

Benefits of The Rosecliff Incubator Program:

  • Early Stage Capital: Investments up to $250,000 in our 3 to 6 month programs.
  • Support Staff: Our companies have access to a diverse group of interns, programmers, developers, analysts, and other qualified employees.
  • Professional Services: We offer a full range of professional services to all our companies and founders. We provide access to back office services, customer relation management, analytics tools, marketing services, as well as financial, legal, accounting, sales and design services.
  • Infrastructure: We are based in the Flatiron District, New York City. Our Class-A office space is located in the heart of NYC’s technology startup community with access to many entrepreneurs, investors, founders, and other innovative minded individuals. All of our companies will receive high speed internet, a modern office environment, and access to conference room areas.
  • Hands-on Mentorship: Companies welcomed into our incubator are also welcomed into our network. We provide hands-on mentoring from our vast network of experts, entrepreneurs and advisors. These include professionals that have experience in all aspects of the startup process that want to see you succeed. Through these invaluable interactions, companies will gain strong insights into their respective industries. Companies will learn from their successes and failures and by doing so, will get a better understanding of what lies ahead.
  • Public Networking Events: Companies are invited to participate in local industry roundtables and networking events. These events will give companies the opportunity to connect and network with local VCs, entrepreneurs and industry leaders. These invaluable experiences will help companies get out from behind their desks and into the real world!

Services We Provide:

  • Access to our advisory board and mentors
  • Access to institutional capital such as venture capital funds, private equity funds, and hedge funds
  • Access to our strategic partners
  • Help with presentation skills
  • Connection to higher education resources
  • Assistance with financial and accounting analytics
  • Access to our internal marketing team
  • Business training programs
  • Help with regulatory compliance and legal council
  • Help with business etiquette